Shawn Wildermuth

DataSets vs. Custom Entities Again...


I haven't had time to look at this new round of discussions about where DataSets fit into the data world.  I am still reformulating my ideas around DataSets after meeting with Microsoft and being told that they did not want to encourage use of DataSets in place of business objects. 

I have also been using CSLA.NET at a client and it has some good ideas about entity mapping in general, though it has a number of well documented downsides as well.  As Rocky would probably tell you, CSLA has it's place in some architectures but was not meant to fit into all solutions.

My plan is to unveil something new that attempts to address the shortcomings of all the camps (ORM, DataSet, Custom Business Entities), but I am not ready to present it yet.  I think we need a good solution for Whidbey and beyond and I don't see that coming out of Redmond (don't get me started on ObjectSpaces ;).