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May Oslo SDK Available - Now with Quadrant



The newest CTP of the Oslo SDK is available and lots of changes are included:

  • IntelliPad with DSL Authoring Mode built-in (No more 'samples included' needed).
  • Quadrant! (The Model Editor Piece of the Platform)
  • The CLR and UML domains added to the Repository
  • Unified Tooling (instead of lots of individual command-line tools)

The things to be aware of that have changed are:

  • Setup is now unified.
  • Lots of M-Language changes, read the readme.
  • None of the whitepapers or docs are included.  They are all included on the DevCenter.

For more information on this release, check out Chris Sells' blog:

For a full write up of the changes, check out this post from the Oslo Team: 

I will be updating my three part series for the new bits in the next week or so.