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A Plethora of Silverlight Behaviors/Triggers

A Plethora of Silverlight Behaviors/Triggers


It looks like the Expression team is skulking around and releasing code. They've just released a bunch of behaviors on the new Expression Blend Samples CodePlex project. The number of sample behaviors and triggers is just staggering:

  • PlayMedia
  • PauseMedia
  • TogglePlayPauseMedia
  • RewindMedia
  • StopMedia
  • MouseGestureTrigger
  • MouseEventTrigger
  • StateChangedTrigger
  • CallDataMethod
  • InvokeDataCommand
  • DataEventTrigger
  • SetDataProperty
  • DataStateBehavior
  • DataStateSwitchBehavior
  • FluidBindProperty
  • PropertyChangedTrigger
  • CallMethod
  • ClippingBehavior
  • GoToNextState
  • GoToPreviousState
  • SetProperty
  • ShowMessageBox
  • ListBoxAddOne
  • ListBoxRemoveOne
  • ListBoxRemoveThisItem

Wow, that's impressive.  The code is only in Alpha, but the installer does add it to the Blend directory.  Go get them don't walk: