Julie Lerman on the Hello World Podcast

  • Mar 07, 2014 at 1:39 AM
  • Shawn Wildermuth
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Back in 2002, I released my first book. I was living in Boston at the time and I embarked on a mini-tour of New England to promote the book. I went to a lot of user groups back them to talk about ADO.NET, but a special one was when I visited Julie Lerman and the Vermont .NET Users Group.

That trip started a long friendship. I consider Julie a special gem of technical knowledge. She has a special voice and really cares about celebrating women in technology. I was really happy to hear she’d be on my podcast and this week’s episode is a testament to that. I hope you enjoy it!

The Hello World Podcast is where I get to talk with some of your favorite authors, developers and speakers about how they got started in software development.

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Alex Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hearing Julie and Shawn talk about their own moments of doubt and frustration as programmers makes me feel less discouraged by my own doubts and frustrations. Their openness was really refreshing. I have listened to a few of the podcasts and have really enjoyed them - they are amusing, motivating and inspirational. Thanks Shawn!

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