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Want to Learn iOS or Android?

AgiliTrain has partnered with the excellent Wei-Meng Lee (author of several books on iPhone, iPad and Android development) to provide three new courses this winter. He’s coming to Atlanta to teach both iOS and Android development. The courses include:

In each course, Wei-Meng will walk you through the development process and help you test your applications on actual devices. Early bird and group discounts are available. Please see more about these courses on the AgiliTrain website!


The Next Application Platform? All of them...


UPDATED: Added comments on backend story.

I've been knee deep in my book and a super secret project I can't talk about yet but that project and some conversations i've been having (on Twitter and with the Atlanta Pros User Group when we discussed HTML5). It started with the exaggerated death of Silverlight. I was asked at length to comment on what how HTML5 and Silvelright compete and other topics.  But after looking at a lot of different things, I came up with a different idea...


A Week with WP7 from an Android User's Perspective

My WP7 Phone

I spent most of the last week with my early demo Windows Phone 7 (e.g. WP7) phone as my primary phone.  See I am a Verizon customer currently and therefore I couldn't use Verizon on the demo phone (as it takes SIM cards and Verizon can't spell SIM). So I took the opportunity while in Europe to get a pre-paid SIM card and use it as my main phone (since my Droid was useless there). You're probably wondering what my impressions were?  Well, two caveats to start with...I have bet pretty heavily on the phone so I am not exactly a neutral party, but I'll try to be. Also, I've never owned an iPhone (AT&T is true evil incarnate) so take that for what its worth.

History with Android


What I learned about Windows Phone 7 from Android

Windows Phone 7

While I have been exceptionally fortunate to get a Windows Phone 7 device, I still am using my Motorola Droid as my primary phone. The primary reason is that I use Verizon and my WP7 phone uses a SIM chip (Verizon doesn't use SIM chips). I expect you're reading this post to gleam some information about the WP7 phone, but let's start with the Android.

As some of you may know, the 2.2 version of the Android operating system (a.k.a. Froyo) was released and finally made it's way to the Motorola Droid last week. Google had promised a big performance boost with Froyo (100-500% by some accounts) mostly based on the new JIT compiler. So my expectations were pretty high. I got Froyo installed and while I liked the new features and home page changes a lot, I didn't see much performance change. In fact, the new phone felt downright sluggish.  Event swiping the home screen was slow. So what gives? 


Motorola Droid - First Impressions


Motorola Droid

I've given up on my old Windows Mobile phone and been looking around for a replacement. Now let me be clear, I can't have an iPhone because AT&T is clearly evil. So I decided to take the plunge on an Android phone. I've looked at a couple of the phones, but since I am on Verizon I grabbed the Motorola Droid. Its not bad for $199.