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Oslo Developer Center and SDK CTP Now Live


Head over to the Chris Sells' blog to get all the details on the new public CTP of Oslo. This toolset has the possibility to change the nature of development in a major way. If you are interested in the modeling or DSL space, its definitely worth your time to dig into the tools.

First Impressions of Oslo


I've spent a number of hours since I downloaded the Oslo SDK to look around. In this post I want to tell you what I've found out.

Why Domain Specific Languages are Important to Everyday Developers

Now that Oslo is in a public form, I've taken time (as you probably noticed in earlier blog posts) to look at Oslo. While the Model Driven Development part of the stack is important and potentially game changing, I wanted to stop and look at the Domain Specific Language part of the Oslo stack.

I am not the only one though. The potential for building Domain Specific Languages has caused jeers and leers from different parts of the web including Martin Fowler, Frans Bouma, and Roger Asling. Aside from the whether "M" becomes a valid way to build Domain Specific Language, I am more interested in the idea behind Domain Specific Languages themselves.

New Oslo CTP is Live!


The CSD folks have released a new CTP of the Oslo toolset. This release contains the same set of tools as the October 2008 CTP (nope, no Quadrant yet) but hopefully some of those pesky MSchema and Intellipad bugs will be gone.  I'll let you know when I get deeper into the bits.  Go grab it here:

Don't Forget the MSDN Developers Conference in Atlanta


Coming December 16, 2008, i'll be at the Atlanta stop of the MSDN Developer Conference to see the PDC content. These events will give you an opportunity to see the Azure platform, Windows 7, Silverlight, F# and even Oslo

The Forest Through the Trees


Just a couple of days ago I did the Atlanta stop of the MSDN Developer Conference where David Scruggs and I did a "Lap Around Oslo" talk that seemed to go very well. If you are lucky to have this conference coming to your town, its well worth the $99 investment. Great topics and great speakers (especially if you missed the content at the PDC).

What is all the fuss about how you can write DSLs in Lisp?


Chris Sells and Craig Andera are trading blogs about what is and isn't a DSL.  Craig has issue with the following from Chris' blog:

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