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UX is Important

I talk to a lot of people about what people call “design”. There are developers who are great at design but many are worried about not having ‘design’ skills. But I don’t think design skills are nearly as important as usability skills. Shiny buttons, rounded corners, and lovely gradients are great, but if I am guessing on what the app is doing, we’re all doomed.

I use Skype. There I said it. I feel better.

Skype had an update today and the calling UI had changed. The bar that gives you control of the call changed to this:


Why Declarative UIs Are Important


Sketching a UIIf you're building Internet applications, you've probably been bombarded with lots of new technologies the last few years: Silverlight, Flex, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, etc. While all of these technologies have their use-cases, many of them are pointing to something that is new and important.

The central idea of separating concerns is not new. Back in SmallTalk when Model-View-Controller was born, the benefits of isolating layers of an application were pretty apparent. The problem was that it wasn't easy to implement. The problem with implementation was never the code...or was exactly the code. The problem is that when you are working on a problem in the user interface, it is far to easy to try and solve it directly in the code. Its not laziness or lack of talent.  Its simply a matter of focus sometimes. Under the timeline gun its easy to be myopic about a problem. Its simply too easy to just try and solve a problem by writing code in the user interface (or the View).


Blend 3 Improvements


Silverlight Logo

Also announced today was a preview version of Blend 3. Blend 3 is going to support better experiences for designers and developers.  There will be lots of sessions and videos at MIX09 about these features but for the simple list here I go: