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ASP.NET Core 1.0 Released!

DiscussThis day has been a long time coming but I want to congratulate the team at Microsoft for delivering the first version of ASP.NET Core! I’m very excited to start working with the bits on real projects.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at play with ASP.NET Core, it’s time! For the ASP.NET MVC and Web API users, the transition is pretty quick, but if you’re coming from ASP.NET Web Forms or another technology, there is a learning curve.

My sense of it is that this is a new platform, not a new development model. You are closer to the metal without having to give up the productivity of the ASP.NET you’ve always loved (and maybe hated a little). This is a mature, open source, cross platform, and fast ASP.NET. It’s a new day in Microsoft’s web platform and it’s time to be a part of it.


Scott Guthrie Aided Miguel de Icaza on Moonlight?


On the heels of my recent post about Microsoft and Linux, is this interesting article in SD Times.  It is being reported that at MIX 2007, Scott Guthrie (responsible for Silverlight et al) pulled aside Miguel de Icaza to help with technical guidance for Moonlight (the Mono-based, Open Source Linux Silverlight implementation). I think this is tremendous news. Miguel went on to say:

...that the Moonlight project was strongly inspired by Guthrie’s recommendations.


Linux Foundation Calls for Respect for Microsoft


I've been around software and OS's for a long time and while my bread is buttered to some extent by my continued involvement in Microsoft's technologies, I've waded into Open Source projects here and there. One of the things that has always amazed me is how fast some Open Source projects can achieve in a short time.  I have a lot of admiration for Open Source.

The other side of the coin is that the supporters of Open Source seem to often relish their childish rhetoric.I am immediately turned off of this sort of unyielding acceptance of anything.  It doesn't matter if it is technological, religious or political. I like well informed discourse.  Using moniker's like M$, Microserf or other derogatory language isn't well informed.




My first taste of Monoppix was interesting this evening.  For those not in the know, Monoppix is a Bootable CD version of Linux with the Mono Framework and tools pre-installed.  This allows you to play around with the Mono tools on Linux without installing anything.  It loads Linux directly from the CD and creates a RAM disk to store your data. 

I found MonoDevelop pretty buggy in this version.  I kept locking it up.  If I knew how to disable help lookup and intellisense, it would probably be plenty stable.  I'll probably go back and play around with the MySql Managed provider at some point.  Take a look if you have some extra time.


Linux is Falling down the Unix Hole

I've been watching the Linux news wires lately to see whether I should be putting any time into Mono and it looks to me like Linux is falling victim to the Unix disease of splintering into too many distributions that may or may not be compatible.  Here's what I am reading:

None of these stories are very damning on their own, but I am seeing a trend towards many conflicting distributions for specific needs.  Imagine an enterprise where you would need four or five different distro's to support.  Windows three tier OS (Home/Professional/Server) seems to be easier to manage (one company, one support contract, etc.) 

I do not want to see Linux marginalized.  Linux is putting pressure on Microsoft to clean up its own house and competition forces increased innovation.  Now if Sun would just stop trying to stop Java from being submitted to the standards bodies we could get somewhere...