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Quick Tip: Show WinRT XAML Binding Errors

I saw a tip by Tim Heuer on a StackOverflow question about how to show binding errors in the Output window of managed WinRT (e.g. Metro-style) XAML projects. Tim mentioned that:

You get this automatically for C++ applications and for managed applications you have to turn on unmanaged debugging to see them.

Since I had a hard time finding it, I thought I'd drop a quick image to help you find it. You have to go to your project properties and look at the Debug tab:


Win8, Metro Apps and Silverlight


I decided at Build to try and not answer the question I was getting all the time:

I wanted to take time and not just spurt out my gut reactions. I wanted a thoughtful response to my week at BUILD. I’ve been watching videos, playing with the tablet and trying out the WinRT SDK and think it is time for me to chime in. Let’s take this step by step.