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What I learned about Windows Phone 7 from Android

Windows Phone 7

While I have been exceptionally fortunate to get a Windows Phone 7 device, I still am using my Motorola Droid as my primary phone. The primary reason is that I use Verizon and my WP7 phone uses a SIM chip (Verizon doesn't use SIM chips). I expect you're reading this post to gleam some information about the WP7 phone, but let's start with the Android.

As some of you may know, the 2.2 version of the Android operating system (a.k.a. Froyo) was released and finally made it's way to the Motorola Droid last week. Google had promised a big performance boost with Froyo (100-500% by some accounts) mostly based on the new JIT compiler. So my expectations were pretty high. I got Froyo installed and while I liked the new features and home page changes a lot, I didn't see much performance change. In fact, the new phone felt downright sluggish.  Event swiping the home screen was slow. So what gives? 


My Thoughts on the Windows Phone 7



The field of smart phones is getting larger this holiday season: the Microsoft offering is the Windows Phone 7. It should be of no surprise to most people that this category of phone is becoming increasingly important, but not because its a phone.


Motorola Droid - First Impressions


Motorola Droid

I've given up on my old Windows Mobile phone and been looking around for a replacement. Now let me be clear, I can't have an iPhone because AT&T is clearly evil. So I decided to take the plunge on an Android phone. I've looked at a couple of the phones, but since I am on Verizon I grabbed the Motorola Droid. Its not bad for $199.


Motorola Q9m - The First Week


I've spent a week so far with my new phone, the Motorola Q9m.  While its touted as a multimedia phone, I mostly got it for a smartphone and a MS platform to throw some code on.  When you buy a phone its married (for the most part) to the provider and my provider is Verizon Wireless.  I picked up this phone after two years with them for only $199 + a $50 mail-in rebate.  Good deal for a phone of this quality.

Here are some pros and cons of the phone from my perspective: