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Doesn't Anyone Bookmark Anymore?

When I teach Silverlight 2, I stress an important lesson that I thought that we (as developers) had learned the importance of linkability of the web. Early usage of Flash was the first time I noticed this. A number of those sites would create nested functionality that never changed the URL.  If the URL doesn't change, i can't bookmark it. Most Flash guys learned their lessons pretty quick, but now I am inundated with AJAX driven sites that try hard to not to do post-backs.  That's cool, but if the URL doesn't change I can't link to it.

I've noticed this happening a lot with support sites. The first time I saw with an AJAX site was using the Intersoft's Developer Portal (  They treat the developer to a desktop-like experience, but if I can't send a link to my other developers for the latest patch, why bother making it on the web?

The latest is the game Spore's forums. Trying to help a friend figure out why its crashing, I found some good posts on workarounds but the site's address is always  What's the point?