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When The VPN Doesn't Work to my TFS-Using Client

Very short post today, but wanted to share something that happens more than I'd like to admit. I work for some clients who use TFS and when I can't in through their VPN I need to zip up my files for them to check-in manually. It's not fun (I miss being able to create a change set in Mercurial or Git). When this happens I need to have a quick way of copying all the files in a project that aren't marked as read-only. Robocopy to the rescue:

robocopy %1 %2 %3 /S /XA:R /XD obj bin packages backup _UpgradeReport_Files /XF *.suo *.vssscc *.user *.vspscc

This allows me to copy all the files I'm working on while skipping the temp files (e.g. obj, bin), package chagnes, backup files and upgrade files. Hope this helps anyone else that runs into this.


Team Foundation Services == NT Option Pack?


I am attempting to install Team Foundation Server (Workgroup Edition) on a server of mine.  I've been simply amazed at the exact instructions that are required to get it installed (including what order to install SQL Server 2005, IIS, WSS, etc.)  The last time it was so difficult to install something was the notorious "NT Option Pack" with Site Server and other IIS additions. 

Its been pretty frustrating.  Anyone know of a non-MS installation guide that includes some of the caveats that the MS guide doesn't have?