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ASP.NET 5 and Bower

ps_logoAs most of you already know, I have a new course on ASP.NET 5. I’ve just released a teaser video that shows how the Bower.json editor in Visual Studio works.

The course was recently updated to use the ASP.NET Beta 8 bits. I am looking forward to the next update of ASP.NET and expect to continue to update the course all the way through the RTM.

If you haven’t used Bower before, it is a package manager for client-side projects (i.e. jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, etc.). Visual Studio makes this easy in the new incarnation and this clip shows you how it works. This video is from the third module of the course.


Developing for the Windows Phone 7 - Part 3: Your First App


Windows Phone 7

Part 3 of this series I took this video of building a simple application using the Windows Phone 7 beta tools. The video walks through building a simple random number generator using Visual Studio and Blend to build a simple, single-page application.  Let me know what you think!