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Stolen Cell Phone == New Cell Phone


Silverlight Logo

I woke up to the annoying news that my car had been broken into and someone had stolen my phone. My old phone was the HTC Touch an all touch no keyboard phone that I lived with but didn't love. So I took the opportunity to upgrade my phone.


No Flash on iPhone? Hmmm...


In case you didn't hear, today Steve Jobs said that Flash wasn't going to be on the iPhone.  Essentially he says that the desktop version is too big for the iPhone but the mobile version is too anemic. The timing of this is what has got me thinking far too much.

Two things happen tomorrow: Apple releases the iPhone SDK and Steve Balmer gives the keynote at the MIX conference.  Could a Silverlight annoucement be imminent?  I doubt it but it would be great.  I would have expected Balmer to speak on the first day of MIX instead of the second so I suspect its just wishful thinking.