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Should You Be Looking for Trends in Microsoft Stories?


This last week or two has seen a number of interesting stories come out of Microsoft (some official, some not official), especially as it relates to developers and writing code. While I am sure that the announcements are not meant to indicate a trend, taken in conjuction they are confusing or disheartening to developers.

DevLink Talks - Slides and Code


DevLink 2010

Speaking at DevLink!



Developing for the Windows Phone 7 - Part 2: Debugging on the Phone

Windows Phone 7

I've had my phone a couple of days now and been playing with the development experience on the device.  As some of you remember, I've been creating a new Moon Phase application for the phone (called "Moon Phaser").  I'll be releasing the source and you'll be able to install it on your phone (for free) once the Marketplace launches.

Talking about Windows Phone 7 at Atlanta .NET User Group


Windows Phone 7If you're in Atlanta tomorrow (July 26th, 2010), i'll be at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta (north of Atlanta) to speak at the Atlanta .NET User's Group. I will be doing a short talk on Silverlight and interacting with the HTML DOM/other Silverlight apps.  I'll also be talking about building your first Windows Phone 7 application using the latest Beta tools.

Developing for the Windows Phone 7 - Part 1: The Phone

Windows Phone 7

I am one of the lucky few who received Windows Phone 7 phone this week. For those who will ask, I got a phone because I am writing a book on programming for the Windows Phone 7 (Application Development for the Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight, Addison-Wesley).

What I Learned By Writing a WP7 App: Part 1 - Manipulations

Windows Phone 7

As some of you have heard, I am working on a Windows Phone 7 book. While most of my time has been spent trying to convince the publisher to let me call it "The Windows Phonebook: Writing Applications for Windows Phone 7, A-Z", I've had the chance to start writing a real application with it. The purpose of the application is to get comfortable with the programming environment but be able to ship a free app at launch that has some value (yeah, I am already signed up for a Marketplace Developer account!).


Its been a hectic couple of months, but I am starting to see the light of day. While I am teach The Silverlight Tour in Boston this week, I am getting back on the blogging bandwagon.  In the next few weeks you'll see me delve into many of the topics you'd expect from me including:

I'll Be At TechEd, Will You?



Back from DevConnections with SourceCode

DevConnections 2010I just returned from DevConnections and had a great time. This year it was also the launch of Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010 so it was a big party. You should consider coming next time if you didn't make it this time.

I had the pleasure of doing four talks.  Here are the talks, the slides and the code:

My MIX Talks' Source Code

Silverlight Logo

I've been severely remiss in failing to get my source code released for my two MIX talks early this month. I apologize (there is a good reasons, but I can't talk about it).

SQL Azure's OData Support


I've ported my XBoxGames Database (see this blog article for copies of the .mdf files) to SQL Azure and added OData support. You can find the feed here:

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