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The Global Silverlight Tour!

Silverlight Tour

Over the next several weeks the Silverlight Tour is having a lot of stops around the world. If you're a reader of my blog but not in the U.S., now is the time to get your seat at the Silverlight Tour in your country.

MIX 10 Wrapup


MIX 10 is over and lots of blogs are listing all the interesting links and discussions that happened at MIX. I don't want to duplicate that, but instead thought i'd tell what I think are the big stories.

Where to See Me At MIX10

MIX10 Love Fest!

This weekend i am headed to Vegas for a week of designer/developer love. I plan to spend a lot of time in the phone sessions as well as in the Commons visiting with people.

My "What's New in Silvelright 3" Video from 0reDev Last Fall


Last fall I visited 0redev in Sweden and gave a "What's New in Silverlight 3" talk. THey've just released the video if you interested in wathcing it:

This Week in Silverlight


Sparkling Client

WCF Data Services and jQuery


ODataI'd recently been asked by Chris Sells to help him with a simple WCF Data Services/jQuery example so I thought I'd share it via my blog as well. The basic idea is to use jQuery's AJAX functionality to retrieve JSON instead of the usual OData and consume it on a web page.

The State of Data Access in Silverlight

SilverlightI've said much about my opinion of Silverlight data access. Currently this is Web Services, WCF Data Services and WCF RIA Services. Let's talk about Data Services and RIA Services and how they are related:

WCF Data Services

Help Me Figure Out What to Write


I am going to be writing a book on Silverlight Architecture.  I'd like to get my readers/followers to help me figure out what is most important to write about. Please take the following survey if you don't mind:

Upcoming Appearances

Shawn Wildermuth

Since I am never at home anyway, I figured it would make sense to more conferences this year.  I love doing talks at these conferences and getting the hard questions from attendees. If you're at any of these events, don't be shy about coming up and saying hi. I'll be at a number of events talking my favorite topics: Silverlight and Data!

Handing Events with Care?


SilverlightThe way that events are handled in Silverlight occassionally surprises people.  For the uninitiated there are two types of events in Silverlight, direct and routed. Essentially direct events are events that one one type of element can fire and do not support any type of bubbling.  The MediaEnded event on the MediaElement is a good example of this. The other type of event is a routed event.  In this type of event, the event is bubbled through the visual tree. In Silverlight, the way it works is exactly the opposite of what you might expect from Win32 programming (e.g. WinForms, VB6, MFC, etc.) Routed event bubble from the most deeply nested element to the shallowest element.  For example, when a MouseLeftButtonUp event is fired (mouse and keyboard events are routed events), the item directly under the mouse gets the event first, then its parent and so on:

New SL4 Feature: Commanding


SilverlightFor those of you who have been living in the world of WPF, this post will be old-hat, but for the purely Silverlight folks I am hoping to help you change the way you add functionality to your applications. To do this, I will use Silverlight 4's new support for Commands.

Speaking at MIX10!



Are ORMs Solving Anything?

Angry Baby

I like to write blog posts where I offer some pragmatic advice.  In most posts I try to include tons of code samples and example projects...but this post is different.  I am trying to get my head around something so I want to share what is in my head so I can get a conversation started with my readers to help me out.  Once you read this post, please comment...

Silverlight 4 Find: No More Whitelisting Fonts

Silverlight Logo

I just found out that in Silverlight 4, the fonts are no longer whitelisted to the ten fonts out of the box.  Silverlight will now use any font that it can find on a machine without embedding. For example, in my RIA Services sample, I changed the font to Elysian (a font I have installed) and it picked it up:

Geek Dinner in San Jose


Silverlight Tour Announces Three New Cities


Silverlight Tour

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