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Where is the Blend SDK?

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In my earlier blog entry, I mentioned the Blend SDK that is shipping with Blend 3 RC. For those of you who won't have access to Blend, the SDK is supposed to be available to you. But not quite yet. 

Biggest Suprises in Silverlight 3

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While Scott Guthrie (et al.) are going to give you the big list of what is new in Silverlight 3, let me point you at a number of hidden gems in the Silverlight 3 release (some of which are new to the release, and some of which have been there since the beta):

What I Am Up To...

Shawn Wildermuth

For my loyal readers of this blog, you've probably noticed the blog has had a lot of announcements lately and not a lot of content. That's on purpose.  With the release of Silverlight 3 being scheduled for this Friday, I've been holding back on my Silverlight content until that happens.  So check back this weekend for some, hopefully, interesting discussions!

The Silverlight Tour - Vancouver, BC


Silverlight Tour LogoIn case you are spending too much time enjoying the summer, you might not know that our partner, RunAtServer Consulting, is holding a stop of the Silverlight Tour in Vancouver on the same day as our Atlanta class, July 20-22nd, 2009.

AgiliTrain and Rachel Appel Announce New Classes

Rachel Appel

We are very proud to announce that AgiliTrain and Rachel Appel are partnering to present a series of public classes on the next generation of web development. Rachel will be teaching two new courses for AgiliTrain on web development:

Only Four Seats Left for Silverlight Tour Atlanta

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UPDATE: Now only 3 Seats Left!

Blend and Visual Studio - Why Two Tools?

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I am here at DevTeach and having a great time. I got in a discussion with several of the speakers about the common complaint of some Silverlight/WPF folks that they want Blend to be in Visual Studio; or why Cider has always been disabled by most dev's.

Still Room Left for the Silverlight Tour - Washington, DC

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Two weeks left before the Silverilght Tour hits Washington, DC for Silverlight 2 and 3! If you want to be ready for the next version of Silverlight, this is the place to be.

Which came first, the View or the Model?


As I wrote and subsequently taught the Silverlight Tour workshop, I've had a number of discussions with students, clients and the community-at-large about how to architect Silverlight applications.

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