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Should Silverlight 3's Out of Browser be Full-Trust?

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When the Silverlight 3 "Out of the Browser" support (dubbed OOB by someone other than me) I was approached by more than a few attendees wondering whether I thought that OOB meant the death of WPF. While I still contend that this is not the case, I have been forced into thinking about the OOB support in a deeper way earlier.

My Appearances in the 2nd Quarter



Atlanta Geek Dinner - April 23, 2009


I am holding a Geek Dinner in Atlanta on April 23, 2009.  We will be meeting at 5 Seasons Brewing at 6:30pm.  Please RSVP so we can reserve the right number of places.

Win7 and IE8 Beta Issues


I am running Win7 on my main box and I've been very troubled with the stability (if you've been to one of my classes recently, you know what I mean). The biggest trouble has been the startup time...sometimes Visual Studio will just timeout before IE launches. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and was hoping that moving to IE8 RTW would help.

Silverlight 3 Announced!


Today at MIX09, Microsoft announced the availability of Silverlight 3 Beta. This version represents a maturation of the platform instead of the complete change in platform that Silverlight 2 represented. There were a lot of good features announced:

Reminder: Advanced Silverlight Workshop


Coming up on March 30-31st, we will be holding our first Advanced Silverlight Workshop in Atlanta. This new class expands on the Silverlight Tour Workshop. This new class requires that students have a working knowledge of Silverlight and teaches the next level of Silverlight design, development and architecture.

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