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Published: Monday, September 15, 2014

I begged Kathleen to do the show and it took forty episodes to get her to agree. Her story starts with an old NASA computer and continues through the leading edge of software development. Kathleen and I talk about the nature of mentoring and surviving in the world of software development.

About Kathleen Dollard

Kathleen Dollard wants to teach you to code better. There’s more to learn about the tools you use every day and the tools you aren’t yet using. Coding is our passion and debugging is our challenge - you’ll be happier if you do both better. Kathleen’s written dozens of articles, spoken at conferences and user groups around the world, and pushes Microsoft to respond to your real world needs as a long time MVP. Her Open Source project RoslynDom offers alterative access to information in the .NET Compiler Platform, Roslyn with a load/interrogate/mutate/build SyntaxTree model. She has courses in the Pluralsight library and a series of C# 6 webcasts now available for free on WintellectNOW.

Kathleen Dollard
First Machine
First Computer: HP-2116

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