My new Tivo


I've owned ReplayTV's for years now.  For those of you out there without a PVR, get one *now*!  Magenic (the company I work for) recently gave it's employees a Tivo for a holiday gift.  I got the one with the DVD recorder in it and including some media features.  So far I am very impressed.

What I like about Tivo so far:

  • Tivo interface is slicker than the ReplayTV interface with more options.
  • The recording options are quite good and a Season pass seems to work well. 
  • With an network USB device, I can listen to MP3s and look at pictures that are located on my home server.  Eliminates the other device I had doing that.
  • TV Listings are customizable, filter-able and has two types of formatting which I really like.
  • 480p Output....'nuff said.
  • Thumbs up and thumbs down is really interesting.
  • Watching DVD's and burning DVD's...not specific to Tivo, but it makes a nice device.

Pet peeves about the Tivo:

  • I could do without the incessant animations when switching from screen to screen. 
  • I wish that recording show at the same time every week was a little bit more straightforward than it is.
  • I wish I could queue up songs instead of having to play a directory of songs, though I haven't tried to see if playlists are supported.
  • I wish that I could have the picture slideshow continuously looping.
  • I wish that I could show pictures while listening to MP3's.
  • Network adapter should be included.
  • Setting up the USB network adapter should work much much better than it does.
  • Don't send me adds for movies in theatre.  I installed it in my 'home theatre' for a reason...if I can't watch it now, don't bother me.
  • 30 second skip should be the default, not a hack that I have to do everytime the device resets itself.

Overall I am very happy with the unit.  Better than my old ReplayTV?  I actually prefer ReplayTV for the PVR features, but as a whole (with DVD, MP3, pictures etc.) it's a great all in one unit.  The PVR features are almost as good as ReplayTV.  Note, I only own one TV so all the features about sharing shows around the house don't concern me, so I don't have an opinion. 

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