Rewriting Part 1 - Requirements

For the new, I have the following requirements:

  1. Keep ease of use to find my blog, rants and questions
  2. Add registration to eliminate the amount of spurious quesitons I have submitted to me.
  3. Allow registered users to personalize the site.
  4. Simplify searching for questions and rants into single point of search.
  5. Enhance maintenance pages to allow someone but me to maintain the site as needed.
  6. Keep all old URL's working even as I change the structure of the site.
  7. Eliminate my home-grown "MasterPages" solution and use the newly built one.
  8. Allow users to answer questions, submit code snippets, add book reviews, etc.
  9. More easily support more than one syndication model (RSS, Atom, etc.)
  10. Keep performance of site same or better than existing site.
  11. Improve data integrity by moving to a better backed-up data store.
  12. Include a "client" area to allow my clients to better use the site as a communications medium.
  13. Improve the "Book Owners" area to make it easier for owners of my book (or forthcoming books and articles) to get sample code and electronic copies of the books/articles.

I am sure there  are more, but those are the core of the new requirements.  Tune in tomorrow to start matching requirements with solutions...


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