My MP3 Player Solution

I've been struggling with what to do now that my music collection is larger than my MP3 player. I've looked at the Apple 60 Gig iPod and other solutions.  Many of which looked like good, but couldn't make up my mind.  When a random Google search left me on a site which showed how to replace the harddrive in the Creative Zen MP3 players ( I have the 30 Gig version of the Creative Zen Xtra and have really liked it). Because of some laptop harddrive upgrades, I happen to also have an extra 60 gig laptop drive.  Cool!

So I upgraded my existing player to 60 gigs and I am all set for another few months (I am up around 45 gigs at this point). 

Ultimately I needed a different guide that is specific for my Creative Zen Xtra but wanted to list both guides:


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