ASP.NET AJAX RTM and WCF Do Not Play Well Together...


I am delving into WCF and AJAX (not at the same time) lately so I wanted to see if they were compatible.  According to this whitepaper on ASP.NET (follow the link and scroll down to "Support for WCF Web Services"), the RTM of AJAX does not support WCF.  It seems they removed it so they could make it work better in a later release.  The promise is that by the Orcas release of VS, they will be compatible. 

This further cements my opinion that releasing .NET 3.0 without FULL tool and compatibility is nonsense. Without a good across the platform support (e.g. WCF and ASP.NET stack working well together), a workable WPF editor (Cider is horribly broken currently...change the default editor for XAML to XML, you'll be happier), and projects that actually compile out of the box (WPF projects don't compile currently without some hand-editing of the XAML). Microsoft has always been about tools more than technology, that's why I've been with them so long.  If we need to cruft together a bunch of installs to make stuff work, I'd be doing that in Java and Linux.

It looks like most .NET 3.0 development should wait until late 2007 when Orcas ships...but that's just my opinion...

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