Source Code Now Available for my AGGames Silverlight 2 Example

March 12, 2008
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In case you missed it, I have an example Silverlight 2 application that I wrote to work out my understanding of Silverlight 2 (for my course

The source code is now available for this example.  This example utilized a lot of features, both Silverlight 2 and future .NET technologies:

  • Silverlight 2
    • Control Templates
    • Data Binding
    • Web Service Integration
    • DataGrid
    • Popup’s
  • The Entity Framework
  • WCF Services

Once ADO.NET Data Services release their new Silverlight 2 library, i’ll re-work this example to use that library too and add saving of data to the database.

If you want the source code, you can find it here:

Once you get the source code, make sure and look for the ReadMe.txt file in the AGGames folder to read the instructions of how to get it to compile and run locally.