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LOTS OF UPDATES: Read down to see more info.

I just installed the Google Chrome browser and to no one's surprise, it doesn't support Silverlight 2. Not sure why it doesn't work since it supports WebKit. What I find most interesting is that it thinks its rendering it. It may be Google's Plug-in/Process model that is breaking it.

To see what I mean, visit my site. On that site, I test to see if the plugin can load and show a non-Silverlight version of the map when Silverlight isn't supported. When it is supported, I show the Silverlight app. When you follow the link you'll see that the Silverlight 2 app is taking space, just not loading. So the Silverlight.js script thinks its supported and tries to load it. Hopefully we'll hear more about this soon. Keep tuned and i'll let you know what I find out.

UPDATE: Google's Task Manager definitely shows that Silverlight 2 is loaded in a separate process, but interestingly the page with Silverlight is getting odd info in the Task Manager (e.g. no memory):

Silverlight 2 in Google Chrome
Another UPDATE:

Flash doesn't seem to work either:


After re-running the Flash installer it now works.  Must have had a heads up to a fix that was required.

UPDATE: Instead of not working, Silverlight 2 its just sorta working. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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