Advanced Silverlight Workshop - One Week Left!

March 23, 2009
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You only have one week left to register for our innaugural Advanced Silverlight Workshop. On March 30-31st, we will be holding the class in Atlanta, GA. This new class covers the material that you need to build large, robust applications using Silverlight 2 or 3.  The workshop includes coverage of:

  • Custom Control and Custom Layout Control Development.
  • Testing Your Silverlight Applications.
  • Securing Web Services.
  • Sharing Entities Between Client and Server.
  • Implementing Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) in Silverlight
  • Using Inversion of Control Containers with Silverlight
  • Composing Large Applications using Prism

If you are headed into a Silverlight project and want to be prepared to successfully architect and design your solution, this is the class for you. For more information visit: