Last Two Stops of the Silverlight Tour 2010!

October 27, 2010
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The last two stops of the Silverlight Tour are headed to Atlanta and Portland (OR) in the next two months. The Silverlight Tour Workshop is a three-day course on Silverlight 4. It divides the content into three distinct areas: Design, Development and the Server-Side. Students should be able to develop Silverlight 4 applications once attending the workshop. The Workshop is structured with a mix of didactic lessons, demonstrations and hands-on labs. Each student will leave the workshop having created several small Silverlight applications. This variety of learning techniques will ensure that all students become proficient in the technology quickly and in an exciting way.

Telerik's RadControls for SilverlightThe Silverlight Tour Workshop also includes a complimentary license to Telerik’s RadControls for Silverlight for every attendee* (a $999.00 value). For more information on RadControls, you can visit there site at

The two remaining stops on this year’s tour include:

We are currently offering a 10% discounts for these stops by using the TENPERCENTSILVER coupon code.  When you sign up, simply use the coupon code to get the discount.

Next Year…

We are currently working our new schedule for next year so if you have budget to spend, we will be visiting at least a dozen cities next year!  If you have a request for us to be in a specific city, please contact me through my website here.

Silverlight for the Windows Phone 7

We are also offering a new Windows Phone 7 course to teach Silverlight for the Windows Phone 7.  You can get more information on that course here: