Phone Tools v0.6 Released - Breaking Change!


A new version of Phoney Tools is now available. There are some significant changes and some new code so go check it out!

Breaking Changes

In prior versions if you included PhoneyTools in your project you’d get the following capabilities detected even if you weren’t using them:


We’ve addressed this by splitting the tools into three assemblies:

  • AgiliTrain.PhoneyTools: The main PhoneyTools classes.
  • AgiliTrain.PhoneyTools.Net: PhoneyTools Networking classes.
  • AgiliTrain.PhoneyTools.Microphone: PhoneyTool Microphone class.

New Classes

NuGet Changes

Following Scott Hanselman’s excellent advice, we’ve streamlined the Nuget process and removed the pre-and post scripts and added a ReadMe file to help explain what to do next.