My First Experience at the Microsoft Store

November 3, 2012
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I wanted to get a Type Cover for my new Surface today so I headed to the Microsoft Store. I never go to malls so it wasn’t a lot of fun just getting into the mall. But soon me and my girlfriend found the store. I was very surprised by the sheer number of customers. I didn’t expect it to be empty on a Saturday afternoon but it was packed. As we walked in we were immediately approached and helped with where to find the Type Covers. Even with all those customers, the store was really well staffed. Was simple to find someone to help us get a Type Cover from the back and answer some pricing questions.

Unfortunately there was an issue with her Touch Pad. Whenever she closed her cover and re-opened it the keyboard didn’t work until she unplugged it and re-plugged it in. So I thought while we were there, we’d ask them about replacing it.

Replacing it might have been difficult because the keyboard was from the Surface machine I received at Build 2012. No receipt, no box.

The person helping us (I think Keisha) knew immediately that we needed a manager so she went and got Lisa who was just great. She said no problem, they’d exchange it. Awesome. Then I pushed it and asked, whether we could maybe trade it for a Type Cover for my girlfriend. I was happy to pay the difference if that would work. Again…“No problem…” Great customer service. We left and I was happy…she was happy…awesome!