Node.js for .NET Developers

April 6, 2014
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As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been dipping more than my toe in the waters of Node.js. I think Node.js has a lot to teach us as ASP.NET Web Developers; most of it good.

To this end, I’ve produced a brand-new course for Pluralsight about Node.js specifically for .NET developers. This course covers using Node.js with Visual Studio as well as the command-line tools. It compares and contrasts .NET technologies to their Node.js equivalents.

The point of the course is to walk you through creating an entire small website with Node.js and teaching you along the way (similar to my End-to-End ASP.NET course on Pluralsight). It includes:

What is Node.js?

Building a Website with Node.js

Accessing Data with Node.js

Building an API with Node.js

Using Angular.js with Node.js

Securing Node.js

Real-time Communication with Node.js

If you’re already a Pluralsight subscriber, I welcome you to check it out: