My Talks in Bristol England

July 26, 2014
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As my first talk in the UK, I was tasked with doing two talks in one day.  The group was a lot of fun and asked some key questions.

I got a chance to show two contrasting technologies in showing ASP.NET Web API 2 as well as Node.js for .NET Dev’s. With only fifty minutes for each talk, I had to try and cover them briefly.

Unfortunately, we had an issue with the Internet connection so there were some demo’s I couldn’t do. But I’ve added the additional pieces of the demos for the downloads. If you were at the event, grab the examples to see the database tied in and CORS actually working.

Here are the slides and demos:

Web API Slides

Web API Code

Node for .NET Devs Slides

Node for .NET Devs Code

Thanks for showing up if you made it to the event!