The Maintainers: Dennis Doomen and FluentAssertions

September 10, 2020
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In this series, I’ll be interviewing Open Source Maintainers and talk about what open source means to them and why they do it. This time I talk to Dennis Doomen of FluentAssertions.

He shares with us the ups and downs of maintaining a long project and why he got into open source to begin with. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like the series, we have got another five episodes coming!

This episode:

More about Dennis Doomen:

Dennis is a veteran architect in the . NET space with a special interest in writing clean code, Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing and everything agile. He specializes in designing enterprise solutions based on the . … Like when to apply Event Sourcing and at what architectural level.

Do you have any of your favorite open source projects you’d like me to highlight? If so, just leave a comment and I’ll see if I can shine a light on the maintainers!