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ADO.NET 2.0 and Asynchronous Execution


After reading this interesting article by Pablo Castro, I have to assume that the real purpose of using Async Execution is for specific use-cases when you need to fire off multiple concurrent queries in service situations (e.g. ASP.NET, Web Services or Windows Services).

Sample Code for Custom ASP.NET Profile Provider


Until The ServerSide .NET can post the sample code, I am posting it here

Writing Windows Live Messenger Add-ins with .NET


My newest DevSource article is live.  It is about how to write Windows Live Messenger Addins with .NET.  Check it out

ADO.NET Team Blogs about LOB Access through SqlDataReaders...


Using the Visual Studio Connection String Dialog


Chris Sells asked me today if there was a re-usable connection string user interface that I knew of.  I'd heard that you could use the dialog from Visual Studio, but I had to dig in and remember how.  I've put together this quick and dirty example for downloading.

My New Book is Available for Pre-Order


I am one of the authors of the upcoming Microsoft MCST Training Kit (Exam 70-536) book from Microsoft Press.  If you are planning to take the test, this book should help you get ready for it:

ASP.NET 2.0 TreeView without Postback? Solved!

I've been scratching my head at the ASP.NET 2.0 TreeView control.  This control is meant to show a tree of items and each item can have a link to it.  For example, this is what I use for my menu on the left of the page. 

It works great, except I had a specific case where I wanted to use it.  I have a form for data entry where there is a hierarchy of items to select from.  The user picks an item from the tree view and I read the Path of the TreeView control and store it as the selected item.  This worked but everytime the user selected an item, I was getting a post-back to the server. It was as if   AutoPostback had been enabled.  But the TreeView control doesn’t have an AutoPostback property.  I noticed that if I set the node’s NavigateUrl property that clicking on a node didn’t call __DoPostBack, but instead called the URL I specified in the NavigateUrl property. So I decided to make the NavigateUrl property “javascript:void(0)”.  Essentially telling it that when the item is clicked, do nothing.

WinFS Beta 2 at TechEd!?!


While I think its interesting that the new drop of WinFS will be shown at the upcoming TechEd (too bad I couldn't get there this year), what I have seen so far doesn't have me too excited.  I played with Beta 1 a bit and was certainly a FanBoy for the early WinFS with Vista before that got yanked.

WPF Data Binding (Pt 2) Article Live on MSDN


Part 2 of the my Avalon WPF DataBinding Article has gone live on MSDN.  If you missed part 1, its here

MSI Cleanup Utility from MS


Thanks to Shawn Van Ness, he pointed me at this great utility that is helping me clean up some bad MSI's that are not letting me get WinFX installed correctly.  Check it out.

WPF Data Binding (Pt 1) Article Live on MSDN


My new Avalon WPF DataBinding Article has gone live on MSDN.  Take a look. Part 2 will be published next week.

.NET Framework Gem of the Week


Every week (until I run out of Gems), I will post a new class or structure that I find in the .NET Framework that I never knew existed...and that I think rocks...

SQL Server Timestamps and ADO.NET Concurrency


I was talking with a bright guy inside the ADO.NET team today when he told me that the DbCommandBuilder supports a new option called ConflictOption. This option alerts the DbCommandBuilder to use one of three methods for detecting concurrency conflicts:

A Plug for Jeffrey Richter's "CLR via C#, 2e"


I read a lot of technical books. There are few to which I can say I enjoyed reading. Jeffrey Richter's new opus is one of them. Even at 600+ pages, it is an easy read with a ton of very important information. Chapters 23 & 24 alone are worth the price of the book (no one gets threading issues like Jeffrey Richter).

What ADO.NET 2.0 Book Do I Recommend?


Since my announcement last year that there would not be an update to my book ("Pragmatic ADO.NET") to show the changes in ADO.NET 2.0, I have been asked what book I would recommend. I have scoured the ADO.NET 2.0 books and finally have a firm recommendation:

Timestamps and TableAdapters

I was having a chat with David Sceppa about TableAdapters recently when he mentioned that in the final VS 2005 bits, the TableAdapters will use timestamp fields for concurrency.  I told him flatly I didn't think it worked, but I was wrong.  If you create a Table in a Typed DataSet in VS 2005 and include the timestamp field in the select statement, it will use the timestamp field for concurrency.  Awesome!

(Note: ASP.NET 2.0 DataSources use their own source code for concurrency so that doesn't work at all in DataSources AFAIK.)

Writing your own Windows Messenger AddIn's


I've gotten a couple of questions about a quick little Windows Messenger Add-In I wrote after watching the Channel 9 Video about how IM works.  You can get the information on how to write your own add-in for Windows Messenger at Katie Blanch's Blog:

Announcing: "The ADO Guy Teaches: Enterprise Data Architecture"


In cooperation from Dunn Consulting and Training, we will be offering a new five-day course on Enterprise Data Architecture.  The course will teach best practices from the ground up when it comes to implementing data solutions with Microsoft .Net tools and technologies.

ASP.NET Web Application...Wahoo!


Big thanks to Scott Guthrie in championing the Web Application for ASP.NET 2.0!  I love using the old ASP.NET model (instead of the ackward Web Site project). I have now completely converted to the new format and I am very happy with the way it worked in almost every way.

SqlDataSource Issues...


I've blogged before about issues with the SqlDataSource.  I've crufted up an example of the problems that can be downloaded here (with usual caveat of changing the connection string in the web.config to point to a DB with the Northwind database).

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 - By September


In case you didn't see it on other sites, it looks like MS has reversed its decision to wait until 2007 for the SP1 of Visual Studio 2005.  Its coming by September.

TableAdapters - A Critique

I have been a fan of Typed DataSets since the PDC Beta of .NET.  I’ve been asked to detail my recent criticism of Table Adapters in the .NET 2.0 Typed DataSets. Here are the points that I am most concerned with:

Anything I missed?

BINARY_CHECKSUM and Database Concurrency


Recently I posted about Timestamps and CommandBuilders and I got a well informed reply by Luciano Evaristo Guerche concerning a related approach of using BINARY_CHECKSUM in SQL Server to do the same thing.  I think Luciano's response means to say that if you can't use Timestamp's in the database (like you don't have control over the schema) then BINARY_CHECKSUM is an improvement over the brute force concurrency that CommandBuilders do by default.

Fritz Onion says Essential ASP.NET 2.0 Is Almost Done!


On Fritz Onion's blog, he mentions that the manuscript for Essential ASP.NET 2.0 should be done by Monday.  I am itching to get a copy of that book when it comes out.

Microsoft Requiring SQL Server Express Sucks...

I have been attempting to try out some new software from Microsoft (including Glidepath and Visual Studio Database Edition).  Both of these require SQL Server Express installed.  Problem is that I install a Developer Edition of SQL Server 2005 (as well as 2000) because it is more feature friendly than SQL Server Express.  Why does Microsoft insist I have a third Database server?  Why can't it prompt me to tell it what database to use, or at least attempt to find SQL Server 2005 as the default instance on the current machine?  Just stoopid in my opinion.  It's keeping me from trying out and possibly exhaulting these new interesting projects.

"There I said it..."

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