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I am on .NET Rocks Talking about Declarative UI's


.NET Rocks

Silverlight and Line of Business Applications


In case you didn't catch it, I participated in a webcast called geekSpeak.  This webcast was hosted by Glen Gordon and Chad Brooks. The topic today was "Silverlight and Line of Business Applications". While geekSpeak's usually focus on hands-on examples of creating code, we took a different tact today and discussed the larger topic of where Silverlight fits in the development ecosystem (at least Microsoft's ecosystem).

New Servers and a favor...

Its been a crazy weekend.  I've moved into my new servers at MaximumASP and I could not be happier.  On the new server, I have full control over the box so I can make it work the way it should have. In the old system, I was doing all sort of re-routing tricks to host 8 sites under a single web site.  It was a nightmare that made it difficult to use new technology (e.g. if the root site was using AJAX 1.0, I couldn't have one of the sub sites use 3.5).  All that is over and hopefully you will see some new stuff on this site soon!  .

Here comes the favor...there is likely some parts of the site that do not work as they did on the other server because I missed a file or two in the transfer...if you see anything that should work that doesn't, please email me at

ASP.NET Server Control for WPF/E - UPDATED!


As some of you know I am writing an appendix about WPF/E for the new revision of Chris Sells/Ian Griffith's Windows Presentation Foundation Book. While editing the appendix, Ian Griffiths noted that using agHost.js file seemed like a good temporary solution, but that there needed to be an ASP.NET control that was smarter. This has been on my mind for the last few weeks so I finally spent a sleepless night writing a first version. This first version took some ideas and code from Mike Harsh's version found here.

Dan Wahlin has a Cool Amazon, AJAX WPF/E Mashup Example


Dan Wahlin has posted the code (though not a live example) of using Amazon, WPF/E and ASP.NET AJAX to do an Album Lookup Example.  He has the code, a video of it working and a talk about how he created it up on his blog.  Check it out.

ASP.NET AJAX RTM and WCF Do Not Play Well Together...


I am delving into WCF and AJAX (not at the same time) lately so I wanted to see if they were compatible.  According to this whitepaper on ASP.NET (follow the link and scroll down to "Support for WCF Web Services"), the RTM of AJAX does not support WCF.  It seems they removed it so they could make it work better in a later release.  The promise is that by the Orcas release of VS, they will be compatible. 

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