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ASP.NET Core 1.0 Released!

DiscussThis day has been a long time coming but I want to congratulate the team at Microsoft for delivering the first version of ASP.NET Core! I’m very excited to start working with the bits on real projects.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at play with ASP.NET Core, it’s time! For the ASP.NET MVC and Web API users, the transition is pretty quick, but if you’re coming from ASP.NET Web Forms or another technology, there is a learning curve.

I Love Music...but not iTunes

ralph-ipodI buy a lot of music. I am not a hoarder like some, but I have 100GB’ish of MP3s. I don’t go around and ‘borrow’ friends collections just to up my count. What I do is buy music…just not at brick and mortar stores.

While I could go on about how iTunes on Windows is a bad piece of software, that’s not what I care about. It’s the DRM. I pave my machines constantly and I have my music on a lot of devices at once. Music Match sounds like a good idea, but Apple has burned that bridge with me a long time ago so I won’t harp on it. But as a consumer of music (and someone who wants to support the artists), what do I do?

The Next Application Platform? All of them...


UPDATED: Added comments on backend story.

At MIX09 - Eclipse and Silverlight


MIX 09

MacBook Air Parody

I usually don't post many videos, but this one had me on the floor...

Safari on Windows - Underwhelmed

After seeing Scott Hanselman's experience with Safari, I thought I'd share mine:

The good:

Apple is firing the "Smug Little Twit"


After my little rant about how much I hate the "Smug Little Twit" I am happy to report that Apple is dropping those annoying commercials.  Did you like them?

iTunes 7.x Installs Outlook Addin - No one seems to know why!

Its official, once I installed iTunes 7.x (which I am uninstalling) it installs an addin into Outlook! I can't find any reason for this. I haven't determine exactly why it installs it and what it does (I disabled it). This is to go through a nasty bundling of stuff with iTunes (anyone understand why Apple gets away with this but Microsoft gets critisized for it?).  When I install iTunes I get:

Looks like they've hired some good people from Real and AOL to help them annoy users.  I'll just have to live without their music store.

iTunes needs to update Outlook? WTF?

I am installing iTunes 7.0.1 because they still have the best selection of music (though admittedly, I burn them to CD and immediately rip everything in MP3 to strip them of DRM).  When I installed it today, I got this curious complaint from the installer:

A New Must-Have Apple Accessory


The new IStinguisher is a new accessory for the MacBooks with the Sony Batteries.  Take a gander here:

VH1's Parody of the new Mac Campaign is pretty sweet!


In case you're as annoyed as I am with the new misleading Mac ads, you wil probably enjoy this new send-up by VH-1's "Best Week Ever"!

iPod Packaging Parody confirmed from inside MS


Here is a video on Google Video of what MS would do to the iPod packaging.  Funny thing, it was confirmed today that the video was created *inside* MS!  Hopefully as a lesson on what *not* to do ;)

Apple is Learning Lessons from Real

I installed the new version of iTunes recently and its amazing how many running services and background tasks Apple is installing:

Please make it stop.  Guess I could just uninstall iTunes...I only use it to buy music, never to listen to it (I think its a crap player).  If only MSN would get a library their size. I haven't tried with Vista yet, but I do hope that I get asked if an installer is installing anything into Run, RunOnce or into the SCM!  This is ridiculous...I can only imagine how many tasks are running on my mother's system!

Interesting Article on what Apple-heads Say is Wrong with Longhorn


While I don't agree with much of what they say, especially that MS code is poorly written and buggy; I am convinced that MS has lost their way with what the story around Longhorn really is.  They announced so many interesting ideas in Longhorn that have been either dropped (WinFS, Monad) or moved it to pre-longhorn (Indigo, Avalon, Aero), that they have lost the momentum story. 

Apple Dropping PowerPC Chips...price war with WinTel PC's?


With Apple moving to Intel chips, is a price war with Dell, HP and Toshiba far away?  I'd love to get OS X in virtual machine to play around a bit. This might even make Mono more compelling.  This might change everything...or nothing...

Newsweek article on Tiger v. Longhorn


This week is expected to be the OS X (Tiger) vs. Longhorn week.   With Steve Jobs taking the covers off the newest incarnation of OS X, he'll be trying to besmirch Longhorn at every turn.  This newsweek article is probably only the first of many on the subject.

Longhorn taking a backseat to Tiger?


I am perhaps most disgruntled about Apple's new metadata/search functionality which mirrors some of the importance of WinFS.  As Joe Wilcox stated:

Is Apple's "Spotlight" Technology just WinFS in Tiger's Clothing?


Can You Build a Productivity "Suite" with Two Applications?


Mini IPod?


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