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Mad Dog Hangs 'em Up


I don't blog about my personal passions outside of software development very often, but today's announcement of my absolutely favorite baseball player requires a moment.

When Greg Maddux got signed by the Atlanta Braves in '92, he was immediately my hero for two reasons: he spurned a bigger offer by the Yankees to come play for the Bravos; and he was a thinking man's pitcher.


Way OT: You can fix Depth Perception with Contacts?


In case you never noticed I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan. I was reading this Braves fan site recently after the Braves player's record tying ten straight hits (tied a National League record), I wanted to find out more about this Matt Diaz. When I noticed that during spring training, the Braves checked Matt Diaz eyes and found out he had almost no depth perception. A major league hitter without depth 

Evidently you can fix this with contacts (though I am not sure how that works). No big surprise that he has hit like a monster this year. Now the crazy part: