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Time Flies: Fifteen years of Blogging

ADOGUY_license_plateThe first blog post I wrote was on April 10th, 2002. That means I’m coming up on fifteen years of blogging.

A lot has changed both personally and in our industry in that amount of time. I’m going to look back in wonder at the last fifteen years if I can.

I didn’t start tracking users until I added Google Analytics in 2008, but in that time I’ve reached over 1.5m users (who knows how accurate ‘unique users’ are…I’m suspect of this number). But I did just pass 3 million page views. I’m hoping most of those views helped people just a little.


All Quiet...

Its been quite quiet on my site these last week or so. I am traveling doing a couple of European conferences so my blogging is light. I do expect to deliver my new edition of my ScreenCast (Shawn Wildermuth's Dirty Little Secrets) this friday and I'll have a completely wrap up of the conferences once they are complete. Stay tuned for a lot more content in the next week or so.