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Planes, Trains and Don Box


I was reading this post by Don Box with some humor after I got off the plane today.  My flight to Redmond was just ridiculously nasty, so when Don proudly annouced that he only took two flights this year I was green with envy. Sure I should have been envious of his work with the .NET 3.0 stack or getting to work with Chris Sells most days...but it wasn't.  It was the lack of having to live in a Hotel room. Good for Don!

Heartbeating my Blog


After reading Scott Hanselman's blog today where he reflects back on his blog over these years, I decided to look into it too.  Interestingly enough Scott and I started our blogs the same month.  Unlike Scott, I've always used custom code (was ASP, then ASP.NET) to host my blog.  My RSS engine was hand-built early on and now I use an open source wrapper to build my RSS feed.

Finding Tim Ewald's Blog


I lost all my NewsGator feeds so I was tracking down my favorite people...and of course Tim's one of them.  It was fun...Here's the trail I followed:

My Blog of the Week



Excellent Post from Tim Ewald about the Future of Web Services


Ghost, Node.js, and Azure Websites: Not a Pretty Picture

6yjn2rLet me start this post by saying I might not know what I am doing. It happens more than you might imagine. I love Azure Websites and use it pretty extensively for my ASP.NET hosting..this blog is even using it. Love it.

I also host a couple of Ghost blog sites using Azure Websites. This works sometimes…but usually it’s a nasty rash of trial and error and I often give up. Here’s the story of getting me and my wife’s blog using Ghost and Azure Websites that left me pulling out my hair yesterday.

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