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Astoria is now ASP.NET Data Services


Astoria has been renamed (ASP.NET Data Services) and added to the ASP.NET Extensions package (which includes the MVC support as well as other facilities).  Looks like ASP.NET Data Services is slated for a release in Q2 2008.  If you're interested in Astoria, go grab the CTP here:

New CTP's from Microsoft...

Over the past week there have been a flurry of new projects coming out of Microsoft, mostly in the form of CTP's.  I've been downloading like crazy and will likely be discussing my experience with them in the coming week.  In case you missed any of them:

I expect that with the release of the EF Beta 3 means Astoria is coming soon.  I'll let you know when it drops! Time to start digging in. 

Silverlight Data Example now using Astoria's Silverlight Client API


I've updated my Silverlight 1.1/Entity Framework/Astoria mashup to use the Astoria Silverlight Client API instead of raw JSON serialization.  The code contains both methods (but they are switched out with a project-level #define). If you're interested in seeing how this works in practice, go grab the code.  Here's a direct code link: Source Now Available


For those who do not know what the site is about...its an example of Silverlight 1.1 working with Entity Framework and Astoria.  When I released last month, I had expected to allow users to download the source code so they can get a taste of what Silverlight 1.1 and Astoria together would look like.  Unfortunately because of a bug on my part, the source link did not work. I've addressed that and you can now download the source code. 

Silverlight + Entity Framework + Astoria == Crazy?


I've been digging into the Entity Framework and Astoria and decided to create a quick little mashup of Silverlight and those two technologies.  The result is this little product viewer using the Northwind database:

Atlanta MSDN Event - Astoria and Silverlight


Come see me and Glen Gordon talk at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta about Visual Studio 2008, "Astoria", Entity Framework and Silverlight...and see them working gracefully together!

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