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Blend Container Editing

UPDATE: The client doesn't mind that I mention them so I'll tell you that its the great people at SchoolMaster.  Siebrand Dijkstra and his crew are doing some interesting things with Silverlight.

I love teaching the Silverlight Tour as pretty much every class I teach I learn something new. I get used to certain features of Blend that do what I need but because of some bugs, I have gotten too good at hand-editing my XAML. In my current class (a private class for a Dutch software company), one of their very bright engineers showed me this trick:

Microsoft Won't Fix Simple Silverlight-Expression Bug? (UPDATED)


The feedback system that Microsoft uses seems broken.  It works well in letting us know what they are doing, but the MS team never seems to tell us why they aren't going to fix something.  Its really frustrating to spend the time to try and alert them to a problem and to feel brushed off.

Updated Expression Blend v2.0 August Preview


There is an updated build of Expression Blend's August Preview.  For some users it complains that wants a CD key and has an expiration date soon (mine is at seven days).  It was supposed to work without a CD key and it looks like they've fixed it.  Tim Heuer mentioned the new build so if you're having the problem, please download this new version

New Silverlight Video - Designing with Blend


WPF/E Item Template for Expression Blend


I've created a simple template for creating a new WPF/E template for Blend.  Simply download the .zip file and extract it your Blend directory (usually c:\program files\microsoft expression\blend 1.0\).  Once you do that you can "Add New Item..." and add a WPF/E Asset like so:

Expression Blend and Web Now in MSDN Subscription


I've blogged about how short-sighted it seemed that the Expression tools were not going to be available to MSDN Subscribers.  I am glad to report that they have come to their senses! I think it is a great comprimise to include Blend and Web in MSDN.  Expression Design and Video will still require additional licensing outside of MSDN, but they are less developer tools anyway.

Expression Web - A Reason to Use


I've been confused by the whole Expression Web interest.  I use Visual Studio primarily and I couldn't see the great benefit of Expression Web.  I am not an artist so I don't fiddle with HTML as my main job much. But I do write some articles directly in HTML. Finally a reason to use Expression Web...Spell check. Yeah, spell check. 

Expression and MSDN Subscriptions


While I like the Expression Studio toolset I am dismayed that these tools will not be available for most developers without the extra expense. It seems at this point that Expression Studio will *NOT* be available as part of MSDN Subscriptions, but instead will require separate purchase options.  It would seem to me that Expression would widen the MSDN subscription base to include designers in organizations and improve early adoption of the tools as it would get them in people's hands faster.

Codename "WPF/E" and Expression Toolset


For me, one of the compelling "WPF/E" stories is the toolset.  Like WPF, the Expression toolset is meant to fully support "WPF/E".  Currently the new Expression Design (was Expression Designer) support export to "WPF/E" XAML.  Expression Blend at this time doesn't support "WPF/E" natively but with a little coaxing I have demos that show it working that i'll be showing off soon.

Microsoft Acrylic/Expression Beta


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