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I have this conversation with my girlfriend every night...

MacBook Air Parody

I usually don't post many videos, but this one had me on the floor...

Merry Christmas from XKCD...


My sentiments exactly:

Another xkdc Gem for the Data Lover in All of Us


I loves the funny!

Nerd King?


Crazy Japanese Teamwork


Mouse + Phone == Awesome?

The Phone-Mouse

I have a product idea but neither the ambition nor the grist to make it this is a vague pleading to hardware companies:

In case you hadn't heard...


Shawn in Springfield


I found a cool Simpson's avatar creator.  Does anyone think this looks like I would in Springfield?

Open Mic

Though this isn't technical, some of you may have known that in a prior life I was a musician. I spend too much time in front of a laptop and not enough behind my guitar.  I wanted to show you that an old man can still get in front of a mike and enjoy it:

Breath Powered USB Charger...Nice!


I found this interesting article on Engadget and I soooo want one.  I hate that my breathing isn't reclaiming some energy...I have to get the plans and make one!

Music Video Make Entirely of 6-Sided Dice (and some clever algorithms)...

You might want to mute the sound, but the visuals are impressive and inventive...

"How the Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended"


Microsoft's oFone - My Next Phone


My New Favorite Web Comic


I may be late to the game here, but I just loved this one:

Find out what pictures say about you...


What Pictures say about me:

Cool ASCII Art Generator


Here's my headshot generated by them:



Record Setting Sculpture Destroyed on Camera

If you've ever played Jenga, this is funny...and sad.

"You Don't Know Jack" is Back!


I just found out that my favorite quiz game from the 90's is back in web form.  Here's today's game:

The Chosen One...

Not sure why I think this is so funny....

but I do...   

Completely Off Topic: Kung Foo Baby


Its Not April Fools...iPod Toilet Paper Holder


I wish it were a joke, but its not:

VH1's Parody of the new Mac Campaign is pretty sweet!


In case you're as annoyed as I am with the new misleading Mac ads, you wil probably enjoy this new send-up by VH-1's "Best Week Ever"!

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