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Virtual Reality Whitman's Sampler

20160626_232049When I was a kid, I had the dream of building an immersive ‘video’ game. I thought the magic was going to be holography. My idea was a holographic skiing game. Of course holographic tech didn’t mature like I hoped it would.

So now that VR is having it’s resurgence, it’s made me think back to those days of old. In this post, I’d like to talk about the different devices I’ve had.

The Gear from the First 80 Days on the Road

As many of you know, me and my new wife are having the trip of our life. We’re in Switzerland at the moment and having a great time. We are certainly learning as we go what is important and what is not. I thought it might be a fun chance to talk about the gear I’ve used so far and discuss what worked and what didn’t.

As we travel, I am still working. I am recording Pluralsight courses, working with clients, doing the Hello World Podcast, as well as planning for some in-person training during the trip. This means I not only need gear to enjoy the trip but to work as well.

Creepy Gizmoz Talking Head!


Playing WOW With Matrox's Three Headed Card...I am jealous!


This is nice!

A New Must-Have Apple Accessory


The new IStinguisher is a new accessory for the MacBooks with the Sony Batteries.  Take a gander here:

Mouse for the Couch (via Engadget)


For those of us who spend most of computing time on a couch instead of a desk, this story (and accompaning video) show how to make a compelling desk-less, wireless mouse.  I am very impressed and will have to see if I can make one.

My MP3 Player Solution

I've been struggling with what to do now that my music collection is larger than my MP3 player. I've looked at the Apple 60 Gig iPod and other solutions.  Many of which looked like good, but couldn't make up my mind.  When a random Google search left me on a site which showed how to replace the harddrive in the Creative Zen MP3 players ( I have the 30 Gig version of the Creative Zen Xtra and have really liked it). Because of some laptop harddrive upgrades, I happen to also have an extra 60 gig laptop drive.  Cool!

So I upgraded my existing player to 60 gigs and I am all set for another few months (I am up around 45 gigs at this point). 

Its Not April Fools...iPod Toilet Paper Holder


I wish it were a joke, but its not:

If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday...


While I can't recommending buying it through eBay because of my recent problems with them, this is somewhat irresistable. A real Enigma machine...

My New RSS Reader


Engadget reports on this new RSS device to print stories on toilet paper for an eco-friendly way to get your RSS Feeds!  I had to make sure it wasn't April 1st.

Finally, A Keyboard for My Shrek-Sized Fingers

My Keyboard

Happy Thanksgiving (or Happy Thursday if you are outside the US)...

New Microsoft Natural Keyboard that they didn't screw up?


I was worried that they had stopped working on natural keyboards.  I am really a fanboy of the Natural keyboard, but in the last five or so years, they've been trying to modify the cursor keys, or the Ins/Del block too much.  I actually bought a few ancient natural keyboards on E-Bay a year or so ago so I'd have a stock of them in case MS gave up the ghost.

Google Earth is back up!


Apple Dropping PowerPC Chips...price war with WinTel PC's?


With Apple moving to Intel chips, is a price war with Dell, HP and Toshiba far away?  I'd love to get OS X in virtual machine to play around a bit. This might even make Mono more compelling.  This might change everything...or nothing...

My First Trip to Fry's


I am coming kind of late to the dance on this one.  I needed to get some equipment for a new MCE box I am building, so I headed to Fry's this afternoon.  While it was exactly what I expected; a store 4x the size of any of their competitors.  I was glad to see a very helpful group of employees (not the case with CompUSA!). 

Am I Glad I Tossed my Tivo


Using a Motorola MPx220 as a Modem (Cingular)


The Demo Gods are Angry at CES


Here is video of Gate's MCE demo at CES.  Not only a MCE crash, but also an XBox crash later on in the day.  Very embarassing.  But it isn't without a precedent:

Tivo v. ReplayTV...Take 2

After a relatively happy honeymoon, my marriage to the new Tivo is on the rocks.  I've been spoiled.  ReplayTV just does what I expect, with less of the intrusive advertising of Tivo.  Here are my sticking points:

So this leaves me with two options, go back to my ReplayTV (luckily I still have it), or see what a Windows Media Center Edition box with the XBox MCE Extender will do for me.  For now I am probably just going to get the ReplayTV going again, and look at the MCE for the future.



So it's Christmas day and I received a RoboSapien from my brother.  It takes me back to my first 'Programmable' toy back in the eighties.  Much more limited than the RoboSapien, the Big Trak was a tank that you could specify it to move forward, back, turn left and right, and fire a fake laser:

My Next "Notebook"?


This is an impressive machine:

My new Tivo


I've owned ReplayTV's for years now.  For those of you out there without a PVR, get one *now*!  Magenic (the company I work for) recently gave it's employees a Tivo for a holiday gift.  I got the one with the DVD recorder in it and including some media features.  So far I am very impressed.

What's going to happen to ThinkPads?


Looks like the rumors are true. IBM is leaving the PC business it created 2 1/2 decades ago.  I haven't looked at IBM PC's in quite a while, but ThinkPads are some of the best built laptops.  I hope they don't go away (even though I haven't purchased one before).  Just when they add touchpads to their ThinkPads, they get out of the business.

Great addition to many a geek's office...



Mini IPod?


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