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Google for Domains and Image Spam


I have been complaining and discussion image spam (spam e-mail where most of the body is an ad for a stock, medication or other ridiculous product) on some of my favorite mailing lists.  In the past few months it has gotten really bad. I've used SpamBayes to rid myself of spam the last few years and it works great...until Image Spam.

IE7 and Google Toolbar Aren't Playing Well Together

I am using the IE7 that is installed in Vista RC1 and while the new Google Toolbar does seem to work, it is causing problems with the context menu so I uninstalled it.  Interestingly I can't figure out how to tell Google its not working.  Does anyone know of a feedback mechanism (e.g. for Google?


Google Has Nothing to Whine About


After hearing about Goggle's concerns about the MSN default search box in IE7, I decided to try and change the default search in IE7.  I have to agree with Balmer on this one

Google acting like Yahoo...

I was installing the new Google Earth when I noticed that Google is becoming Yahoo/Real/Microsoft these days.  Why can't we just have options in your setups that don't try and cross-promote?  Its cheap and makes me lose faith in companies. 

The Next Application Platform? All of them...


UPDATED: Added comments on backend story.

It Is Too Soon to Panic on AngularJS 2.0

angularjsSo AngularJS team finally is talking more publically about what they’re trying to do. At the ngEurope conference last week, they talked very opening about their new strategy for AngularJS 2.0 and it has a lot of people freaked out. Sounds a lot like some reaction to Silverlight in fact.

I’m seeing a flood of hate on the AngularJS team at the moment. I am not sure it is justified. Here’s why:

Flash One Step Closer to Being Indexable - is Silverlight Next?


In this TechCrunch article, they report that Adobe has released a stripped down version of the engine that can parse the swf files and give back info that is useful for the indexing engines.  Its unknown whether Google or Yahoo (the report doesn't mention as one of the search engines it gave the technology to) will use it, but I expect they will. 

Silverlight 2 and Google Chrome


LOTS OF UPDATES: Read down to see more info.

More On Chrome


I usually am not one of those tinfoil hat guys, but the Google Chrome Privacy Policy says that anything I do with the browser is sent to Google with a browser unique id attached to it. From their privacy policy (emphasis added by me):

Application Name WilderBlog Environment Name Production
Application Ver Runtime Framework .NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0
App Path D:\home\site\wwwroot\ Runtime Version .NET Core 4.6.26212.01
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10.0.14393 Runtime Arch X86