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My Dev Kit: Circa 2014

c64Back in 2008, I posted an entry that showed what I used for my dev kit. It is about to to update it with what I am using now. A lot has changed from back them, but a lot hasn’t. While I do a lot more web development than I did back then, some of the tools haven’t changed but the hardware has.

I am going to be on the road this year, but that’s not the only reason my gear is mobile. I spend most of my time at a coffee shop or onsite with clients so I need gear that all fits into my backpack. The difference with my upcoming year on the road is that my recording gear for my Pluralsight videos and Hello World Podcast have to fit in my luggage too.

This is *not* about me...right?

Lesson Learned...Clean Your Laptop

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I've been having trouble with my laptop shutting down unexpectedly.  After some searching online, I found out that this is a common problem with my laptop (HP ZD8000) that the fins that cool down my desktop CPU get dirty.  So I got a can of air and screwdriver and went to work.  OMFG!

HP Support - Part 2

I finally got my laptop back from HP today and I have to say a couple of things about HP Support:

Overall, I have to give HP a marginal thumbs up for support.  It did take lots longer than other companies, but in general I am happy with the follow through I got.

HP Support Woes


My HP laptop that I love so much came up gimpy yesterday.  The screen went kaput suddenly.  I looked back and luckily the one year warranty from HP is going to replace it. 

My Next "Notebook"?


This is an impressive machine:

What's going to happen to ThinkPads?


Looks like the rumors are true. IBM is leaving the PC business it created 2 1/2 decades ago.  I haven't looked at IBM PC's in quite a while, but ThinkPads are some of the best built laptops.  I hope they don't go away (even though I haven't purchased one before).  Just when they add touchpads to their ThinkPads, they get out of the business.

Notebooks and Longhorn


While editing Ian Griffiths new WinFX article for, he showed me how wrong I am.  I've been complaining about the hit on battery life that Longhorn will have since it will use the GPU (Video Card).  Of course, Ian correctly mentioned that the high power/heat 3D computation is not needed for Longhorn, but the 2D rendering is.  This eleviates all of my concerns about power and Longhorn.  I am happy to be wrong...

Of Tablets, Smart Displays and Laptops...

I've been in the market for a new laptop for the last few months. With the upcoming new laptop ideas coming out (Tablet PC's, Smart Displays, etc.), I decided to wait for the technology to catch up to my desires. Finally everything is out!

Back in ancient history (the mid '90's), I worked with Toshiba tablet systems running Windows 95 for a vertical market package. I loved the form factor and secretly wished for a touch display for my laptop for years now.

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