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Vista 5366


I spent the weekend downloading and upgrading my main XP box with this pre-RC1 test build. Yes, I said upgrading XP! The good news is that is build is very very good. Not perfect, but very good! I am able to use it as my main box.

Paul Thurrott, WGA and Pirated Versions of Windows


Back on July 20th, Paul Therrott wrote a long blog entry explaining his experience with WGA (I stopped it from installing so I didn't try to work with it). His big problem was that WGA reported that his version was pirated.  I think he (and most of us) assumed that WGA was not working correctly.

MS to Charge for Office 2007 Beta?


It looks like Microsoft is going to start charging for the Office 2007 Beta (only $1.50 but that's not the point).  This seems asinine to me. Microsoft is getting feedback and a huge testbed as well as buy-in from early adopters, so they should be able to eat the download costs. I've always understood the fee for the DVD/CD packages, but for the download?

WinInternals (and SysInternals) now owned by Microsoft


While I am happy for Mark Russinovich and his people, I hope this doesn't mean the end to free access to SysInternals. What do you think?

Microsoft Requiring SQL Server Express Sucks...

I have been attempting to try out some new software from Microsoft (including Glidepath and Visual Studio Database Edition).  Both of these require SQL Server Express installed.  Problem is that I install a Developer Edition of SQL Server 2005 (as well as 2000) because it is more feature friendly than SQL Server Express.  Why does Microsoft insist I have a third Database server?  Why can't it prompt me to tell it what database to use, or at least attempt to find SQL Server 2005 as the default instance on the current machine?  Just stoopid in my opinion.  It's keeping me from trying out and possibly exhaulting these new interesting projects.

"There I said it..."

The Windows Genuine Advantage Deception


I know this has been all over the blogosphere by now, but I wanted to make sure people knew about Windows Genuine Advantage being snuck into Windows Update. Here is a ZDNet article that walks through Windows Update to show how deceptive the install is.  I am disappointed in Microsoft over installing this tool via Windows Update. While I don't work for Microsoft, I am a fan of what they do in general. 

Vista Conversion Complete....And Abandoned

I spent the majority of yesterday moving my primary laptop to Vista.  I got a new 100G/7200RPM drive, so I decided to chew up some of the space with a dual boot.  I got to late last night (about 6am) when I decided it was a dead proposition and I needed to revert to my XP SP2 desktop.  Good news is that a majority of the software I loaded on Vista worked without a hitch.  At the end of the day it came to that a few critical pieces of software weren't Vista-ready.

Getting Vista installed was a snap and with the exception of the touchpad driver, everything worked flawlessly (and after installing the XP touchpad driver I was good to go).

Vista Beta and Battery Life


In this article, they explore a problem I wondered about when I first saw Avalon two years ago.  I am hoping that MS will make this better during optimization. I had heard that the Avalon team was hoping that battery life and mobile GPU's wouild be better when Avalon shipped.  Not surprisingly, the battery life of laptops is essentially the same as it was two years ago (IMHO), though Mobile GPU's may be better.

Vista Beta 2 - First Impressions


After fighting everyone else to download the Beta 2, I got Vista Beta 2 installed on my tablet pc last night.  My impressions so far: 

Microsoft Furlough's 1,000 Contractors?


According to this MSNBC article,

Team Foundation Services == NT Option Pack?


I am attempting to install Team Foundation Server (Workgroup Edition) on a server of mine.  I've been simply amazed at the exact instructions that are required to get it installed (including what order to install SQL Server 2005, IIS, WSS, etc.)  The last time it was so difficult to install something was the notorious "NT Option Pack" with Site Server and other IIS additions. 

iPod Packaging Parody confirmed from inside MS


Here is a video on Google Video of what MS would do to the iPod packaging.  Funny thing, it was confirmed today that the video was created *inside* MS!  Hopefully as a lesson on what *not* to do ;)

33 Editions of Vista?


Not really, but this is my favorite from the list:



I just saw this new Microsoft viral site.  Not confident about the content yet, but I love some of the look and feel and I am apt to steal some of the ideas (I love the collapsable topics, inline commenting, and popup log in). 

Unacceptable Response on a LadyBug


I submitted a bug to Microsoft's ASP.NET team that objects added to the Component Surface (right-click and pick "View Component Designer") aren't visibile to controls thereby breaking 1.1 data binding.  Here's the response I got:  They closed it with:

New Microsoft Natural Keyboard that they didn't screw up?


I was worried that they had stopped working on natural keyboards.  I am really a fanboy of the Natural keyboard, but in the last five or so years, they've been trying to modify the cursor keys, or the Ins/Del block too much.  I actually bought a few ancient natural keyboards on E-Bay a year or so ago so I'd have a stock of them in case MS gave up the ghost.

SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring Slips to 1H 2006


Why no PDC Info Blogging?

As many of you might not know, I am not at the PDC, but am interestingly watching to see what comes out from it.  Usually at the event times, everyone blogs too much about what they like and don't like.  Everyone wants to be the first out the door with some news from a keynote.  So I am layng low and letting all that happen without me.  On the plus side, I can now talk about some things that I've had the opportunity to play with for some time (now that they are public knowledge and I am not hurting any NDA's):

New SQL Server 2005 Drop on MSDN...September CTP?


Virtual Earth is Up


Microsoft has just released Virtual Earth.  While it is a great competitor for Google Maps, it is still missing much of what Google Earth gives you (unless I am missing something).  It is impressive what they are doing as a browser app without a download. 

Windows Vista?


Longhorn finally has a real name:  Windows Vista.  Huh?  Can't we just go back and call it Windows 2006?  XP was wierd enough, but now the marketing people have invaded the campus' core.  They announced the new name with the marketing tagline:

New MVP Logo Released...

I have gotten through the hoops to be able to use the new MVP Logo.  I have to say its a nice change from the old logo which was a bit antiquated.  I really like it:

Um...What is Longhorn anyway?


I concur with this blogger.  I don't get what will be in Longhorn.  I really like Avalon and Indigo presents a great platform for SOA, but they are pre-Longhorn.  And anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about WinFS...

Microsoft Acrylic/Expression Beta


BizTalk 2006 November 7th?

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