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Erik Mork's Prism for Silverlight Resources


Sparkling Client

Erik Mork, Silverlight MVP, host of the SparkingClient Podcast and an instructor for The Silverlight Tour, has compiled a new set of Prism for Silverlight Resources.  He recently completed a number of podcasts and videos on how to use Prism in Silverlight. This blog post enumerates the ten things every developer should know about Prism and links over to resources that explain each point. If you're new to Silverlight and have heard a lot about Prism and/or MVVM, this list is worth reading and following.


Which came first, the View or the Model?


As I wrote and subsequently taught the Silverlight Tour workshop, I've had a number of discussions with students, clients and the community-at-large about how to architect Silverlight applications.

The momentum behind the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern makes a lot of sense to me, especially with declarative views (as seen in Silverlight and WPF). Most of my thinking around this was covered in my MSDN article about it: