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More On Chrome


I usually am not one of those tinfoil hat guys, but the Google Chrome Privacy Policy says that anything I do with the browser is sent to Google with a browser unique id attached to it. From their privacy policy (emphasis added by me):

Bare Naked Ladies are Flouting DRM...And I Love Them for It...


Bare Naked Ladies are selling their new album in MP3 and FLAC on their website.  If you want their new album and want to put it to the man at the same time...check it out!

Google acting like Yahoo...

I was installing the new Google Earth when I noticed that Google is becoming Yahoo/Real/Microsoft these days.  Why can't we just have options in your setups that don't try and cross-promote?  Its cheap and makes me lose faith in companies. 

Your Cellphone Records are for Sale....


I had a chance encounter today with the fact that my cell phone records are up for sale to anyone with $110 burning a hole in their pocket. I have to say I am outraged. I can't believe that cell phone companies can sell a record of anyone I call. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.  Anyone else have experience where your cell phone records have been used?

Do You Really Want Privacy on the Internet?


Now that Verizon has been ordered to rat out their users to the RIAA, Internet privacy is over...but maybe for the better. Sure I loved the high-flying days of song swapping, but where is the line between privacy and intrusion.

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