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ADO.NET 2.0 and Asynchronous Execution


After reading this interesting article by Pablo Castro, I have to assume that the real purpose of using Async Execution is for specific use-cases when you need to fire off multiple concurrent queries in service situations (e.g. ASP.NET, Web Services or Windows Services).

Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money (via Digg)


Writing Windows Live Messenger Add-ins with .NET


My newest DevSource article is live.  It is about how to write Windows Live Messenger Addins with .NET.  Check it out

Jeff, Steve and Fido


Jeff Atwood is up to his old tricks. He's succinctly reminds me of why I read his blog so religiously (though like religion, I tend to be a cynic and not agree with everything he says). I read the McConnell books a billion years ago and have forgotten about this excellent analogy of painting the dog house.

Mark Russinovich Watches an E-Mail Bot Happen


A Lesson for Software Development

I use a Dish Network satellite dish for my TV.  They pushed an update last week to all their subscribers.  This new feature is a great idea: if an HD channel is available for a channgel (e.g. ESPN, Local Channels), tune the HD channel instead of the non-HD version.  Normally that would be perfect...except...not all HD versions of channels have the same programming.

For example, Discovery channel ahs an HD version they call Discovery HD Theatre.  They are actually two different channels with two different programming.  For example, two of my favorite shows are not shown on Discovery HD because they aren't in HD (Discovery HD is completely HD, they never show non-HD shows (AFAIK)): Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters.

Programmer Personality Type


After seeing Chris Sells' programmer type, I had to check mine...Chris and I are the same type...wierd...or good...I can't decide ;)

GridView, HyperLinkFIeld and FILE:// URLs


I was helping a friend out this evening trying to get a simple GridView working with a HyperLinkField from a database result and we ran into an interesting security feature that people might run into:

Virtual + New is Evil? I am convinced...


Extending Reporting Services

10 Reasons to be Thankful about .NET


via The Serverside .NET!

"I Don't Do Patterns" et al.


I just read this blog entry for Michael Earls and it got me wondering.  I am one of these neanderthals that has been coding since before I could drive.  I see the value of “Patterns” as a common language to help solve problems, but I am not a huge fan of “Everything is a Pattern” mentality that peeked sometime in the late nineties.  I was talking to Chris Sells one day about patterns and we came to the conclusion that patterns are great because they created a common language for stuff that we've been using for years.  The problem comes in when a developer tries to fit every problem into the GOF patterns. 

COM Objects and IDisposable?

I haven't dealt with a ton of COM interop up to this point in my .NET life.  I was surprised to find out that there is not a good story for deterministic deconstruction of COM objects...or maybe there is and I didn't see it.

What I've come up with is a bit of a hack to wrap a com object in a IDisposable wrapper so that I can use the using{...} syntax to determine Release() calls (not really destruction, but good enough for most cases).  The code looks like this:

Rico's Walkthrough of Finding Memory Leaks in the CLR (or your code)


I am blogging about this more so I have a place to find it if I ever need it...originally from Gunnerson's blog.  Great stuff Rico!

The Taligent Effect (via Don Box)


I hate to blog about a blog, but everyone in software development should read this post from Don Box's blog.  Thanks to him I now have a name for this.  Too many times over the past five years have I been stuck in the middle of the “Academic” vs. “Pragmatic” discussion of some technology. 

TechEd Europe!

How I wish I were there.  Evidently the Yukon Public Beta and the VS.NET 2005 Beta will be available.  Get them while they're hot!

For all attendees, skip the Heiniken're gonna want to remember this convention!  TechEd will be very “lekker” this year. 

My First Day as a Magenic Consultant


I just joined Magenic Technology as a Consultant and they put me at a client right away.  Its been so long since I commuted to a job that it was kinda wierd getting up at 6am and driving for an hour.  After a couple of years of getting up at the crack of noon and working till late into the night, this is a great change...of course after a couple weeks of this, I may not like it but we'll see.

Finding Tim Ewald's Blog


I lost all my NewsGator feeds so I was tracking down my favorite people...and of course Tim's one of them.  It was fun...Here's the trail I followed:

Decoupling Interfaces and Number of Assemblies

I have been having a conversation about coupling of objects at the interface level.  While I am not a fan of coupling objects together, I would like to be able to shortcut some factory code to make the interface be more intuitive.  For example, here is code that decouples the interface:

class Foo
  // ...
  Guid _barID;
  public Guid BarID
    get { return _barID; }

Foo foo = new Foo();
Bar bar = Bar.GetBar(foo.BarID);

Whereas I don't want to tie the objects together, but simply call the factory (the GetBar method) within the Foo class to make getting objects easier and more intuitive. For example:

UML/Database Modeler that I actually like!


While trolling the DevelopMentor .NET Lists, William D. Bartholomew mentioned a new UML tool that does round-tripping to and from code.  I've used Rational's (IBM's) XDE before to do this, but it is buggy and hates source code control. 

Is Data Access Really This Hard?

I've been spending some time lately reviewing how companies are doing data access in .NET.  When I look at how most of them have crufted up solutions, I am amazed.  The model that Microsoft supports seems so obvious to me, but I am neck deep in it.  I'd like to hear from my readers their specific experience with creating data access in .NET; with an eye to why or why not use COM+ for transactions; Typed DataSet or DataReaders; Business Objects or Messages.  I am trying to understand where the community is.

Thanks in advance...

Community Server 1.0 Released!


Is AOP the TLA of this decade?


My Compact Framework Database Article is Up


SharePoint and "Debugging is not supported under this trust level"


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