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SQL Azure's OData Support


I've ported my XBoxGames Database (see this blog article for copies of the .mdf files) to SQL Azure and added OData support. You can find the feed here:

Book Review: LINQ in Action


I've spent much of the last couple of weeks trying to strengthen my LINQ knowledge. A friend of mine is one of the authors of a LINQ book so I figured it was a good match to dig deeper.

MSchema: An Example - Part 1


As most of you know, I run a small training company. We are in the midst of a re-write of our main website to allow for more cohesive registration and information about our classes. For this project, I am completely re-creating my database schema (as the old one was a bit 'off the cuff'). What a great opportunity to try out MSchema to build the new schema.

MSchema: An Example - Part 2


If you have read Part 1 of this series, you have seen how to create types, collections and constraints using MSchema. Along with most database schemas, I find the need to create some amount of data to go along with those schemas. For my current project (our new web site), I wanted to have some small set of data that included some basic workshops and locations.

MSchema: An Example - Part 3


In Part 1 of this series I showed you how to create database schema with MSchema. Then in Part 2 I showed you how to use MGraph to create data to store the in the database along side database schema. In this last part, I will show you how to use the M tools to put the schema and data in the database.  I use these tools to build my database during a build script.

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