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Coming to Florida!


I am coming to West Palm Beach, FL on November 25th, 2008 to do my Introducing Silverlight 2. If you are in the area, don't forget to stop by to ask me about anything Silverlight (or anything else for that matter).

SDN Conference - Demo Code


I just finished up with my four talks at the SDN Conference outside of Amsterdam and I had a great time. For anyone who missed it, you missed a great time. Amsterdam 026

I had four sessions ranging from cloud computing to Silverlight 2. For the attendees I wanted to give you a chance to download the demo source code I wrote for the sessions.  You can find it here:

DevReach Example Code


I am finally on my way home from Europe and had a great time speaking at both SDC and DevReach. The people in Bulgaria really treated me well. If you were at any of my talks, please see the following code downloads for the demo code:

Reminder: Introducing Silverilght in the Twin Cities


Silverlight Logo

Speaking in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday


If you are in Florida this week and want to get a peek at Silverlight 2, don't forget to join me at the Florida.NET's West Palm Beach meeting. The User Group is going to be held on November 25, 2008 at 6:30pm:

Another DevReach Video is Available - Silverlight Control Customization


The DevReach videos are sneaking out one at a time. DevReach is a conference held in Bulgaria every year and this last October I had the opportunity to be at this great event. This new video shows me talking about the breadth of Control Customization. The description of the talk from the DevReach conference site:

Come See Me in the Twin Cities


I will be coming to the Twin Cities Developers Guild to talk about everything Silverlight on February 10th, 2009. If you're in town and come by and watch me build a Silverlight application from scratch in 75 minutes. I will be showing off Blend and Visual Studio's mad XAML skills as well as how to retrieve data from the server. Its a fun talk!

Don't Forget the MSDN Developers Conference in Atlanta


Coming December 16, 2008, i'll be at the Atlanta stop of the MSDN Developer Conference to see the PDC content. These events will give you an opportunity to see the Azure platform, Windows 7, Silverlight, F# and even Oslo

On the Road Again...

The Hello World Road Trip part two has started. Me and the missus headed out of Atlanta to Belgium for our first stop.

We arrived at Techorama, I did a couple of talks and recorded our Belgium podcast with the great Bill Wagner. That should be up this weekend.

Thanks for the Great Road Trip!

We’re home. It’s a fantastic feeling, but we had a great time. I wanted to take some time to thank all the great attendees, guests and helpers that made this a great trip. We got some great podcasts and hopefully encouraged a lot of people to try out ASP.NET Core!

We took a lot of pictures and you can see some of them by clicking on the mosaic to the right!

Win a T-Shirt from the Hello World Road Trip

hwroadtrip-shirt-front-and-backWe got home and have extra shirts. Love to give them away. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll pick winners to get one of our limited edition T-Shirts.

The shirts come in S, M, L, XL and 2XL but limited quantities of each. Please sign up below if you want win a shirt. We will be mailing them out by the end of July. Please note that we can only mail them to the United States and Canada.

NDC Sydney was Awesome!

20160805_172651We just left Sydney after a great few days of the NDC Sydney conference. Saw some very cool talks about ASP.NET Core and Angular2!

Of particular interest was a talk by Steven Sanderson on JavaScript services for ASP.NET Core (e.g. cool things to do with Angular2, React and Node). When the recording is done, you should totally go see it!

Boston Code Camp 2016

downloadI had the good fortune of being picked to speak at the Boston Code Camp for their winter event. As some of you know I used to live in Boston and it was a fun few days of reminicence.

The talk that got picked was ASP.NET Core Logging. As I've discussed on this blog, I'm a fan of how the logging is implemented.

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